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MoBitE Unified Communication Central - MUCC

 November 11, 2015
MUCC, white paper released. Download now.
White paper - MUCC
 October 31, 2015
MUCC, stands for MoBitE Unified Communications Central. It is unified platform for one to avail all possible value added services like:
1. Call blocking
2. Call forwarding
3. Voice Mail
4. Ring Back Tone
5. Address Book
6. Instant Messaging
7. Conferencing
Is that all?
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 August 14, 2015
SIP training to be conducted soon...
MoBitE announces an intensive public SIP training programme.
The "Session Initiation Protocol" is a signaling and call setup protocol for IP-based communications that can support a superset of the call processing functions and features present in the public switched telephone network (PSTN).
 July 01, 2015
MoBitE Unified Communications Central - MUCC
MUCC application provides users with services like, Call Blocking, Call Forwarding, Voicemail, etc. The services can be availed by the user on his phone and online too. Both the Interfaces being integrated, theres no scope of loss of data. MUCC has been developed using Mobicents Server.
 April 28, 2015
Ring Back Tone - RBT
RBT application allows users to play an audio file of their choice to callers who call them on their phone. The audio file replaces the conventional "tring tring" tone heard by callers while waiting for the callee to answer. RBT is a application developed using Mobicents Server.
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